Sourcing Tool that helps you find and make warm contacts with IT specialists using fewer letters
CandyJar is a Sourcing Tool that helps you search for developers by source code assessment on GitHub and makes individual approaches to every specialist.
What's inside
A lot of developers do not promote themselves on purpose on social media and job websites, however they have a lot of information making code on GitHub
Search Machine
Smart searching based on the code analysis
Deep Profiles
Plane and informative profiles of developers (export PDF)
Gathered contacts from 10+ sources
Simple and convenient Applicant Tracking System
Chrome extension
To work with CandyJar on LinkedIn
Ranking System
Convenient comparison
Precise searching
based on detailed code analysis

It is more accurate inasmuch as it scans the repositories deeply on GitHub and also take information about experience from LinkedIn.
Less work, more efficiency.
Informative profiles of the developers based on real coding

Constantly get updated. You can track developers progress through CandyJar.
Before contact the developers you can make the pre-screen and watch their area of skills and interests.
Contacts gathered
from 10+ sources

Very simple Applicant Tracking System that hepls you tune your funnel
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Chrome extension
PDF CVs export
Searching for similar candidates
How-to-use guide
Get started
Chrome extension
PDF CVs export
Searching for similar candidates
Searching machine
GitHub repositories analyzed
ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Ranking system
How-to-use guide + Training
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All features
Chrome extension
To work on Linked with CandyJar
PDF CVs export
Plain CVs for your ATS using
Searching for similar candidates
Use CandyJar to search similar people on LinkedIn
We will tell you how to use CandyJar and accompany you while using
Searching Machine
Constantly inspect data of the candidates
Convenient space to operate your search results
GitHub profiles analyzed
Deeply analyzed data is placed in plane profiles
ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Helps to manage your funnel
Ranking System
To compare candidates by skills and their projects
Deeper collaboration between CandyJar and your facilities
Try our Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension
When you prefer the searching via LinkedIn, you can use CandyJar Chrome Extension to find more candidates being within LinkedIn
You can see candidates' skills and contacts.
If the candidate is matching your request you also can find similar candidates via "Find similar". CandyJar will show the same guys with the same location
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