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highlight your repository for IT recruiters
IT recruiters have challenges with searching for you. They have tons of vacancies and would like to reach you quickly to make the best match. When they use our platform CandyJar they are happy about how we have placed your info. They can find you precisely and not bother others. However, it would be more convenient if they could see highlighted projects you are proud of.
You make IT recruiters' life a bit easier if they:
find you quicker
hot vacancies for open people
look at your best projects
help them match you with the best vacancy
get your contacts
Surely, having no your contacts they won't be able to contact you
What to do:

Put the tag CANDYJAR
on your repository like on the picture

And recruiters will see your highlighted repository while they are surfing on GitHub using our service.

They will definitely look into your repository to study your project in detail.
How to make your profile visible in the best way:
Participate in open-source
Open-source coding develops your profile on GitHub and makes it attractive for IT recruiters.
Highlight your repos
It lets IT recruiters turn to you specific projects that you would definitely emphasize among other repositories.
Make README files
It makes your repositories clear for not only other developers but for IT recruiters also.
What is it?
This is our side social project to help juniors to highlight their projects. It lets IT recruiters find interesting projects without wasting a lot of time among tons of repositories.
Is it for free?
Absolutely yes.
How to participate?
No need to register somewhere and send your data. All you need is to develop your opensource projects and put the tag CANDYJAR.
Who will watch my data?
Our product is used by 1000+ IT recruiters. They are looking for developers and IT specialists with different interests: remote working, relocation, startups, corporations, temporary projects, etc.
When will the highlight happen?
It takes usually a week. Our machine makes the indexation run among almost 4 million people in our database, so it is a bit time-consuming. Once it gets done, recruiters see it.
What if I would like to remove it?
Just delete the tag and our machine will remove the highlight during the next indexation run.
If you have questions, please drop a message to us:
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