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Have a look at the helpful instruction below:
Step 0.
If Chrome has hidden the CandyJar icon.
Just click on the puzzle icon and pin CandyJar. It will pull it up to other active extensions.
Step 1.
Get into the cabinet.
Just click on the button 'Go to Search Engine' and it will lead you to the Cabinet.
Step 2.
- create a vacancy
- searching for candidates
- deep analysis of candidates
- messaging with candidates
- comments
- stars
Step 3.
Searching on social media
- detailed profiles of candidates
- recommendations
- contacts
- downloads
- comments
- stars
We also have a handy guide on how-to-use and the help center, that help you to adjust to CandyJar.

When you have any questions or just feedback, you easily may address it to us on e-mail:

On our company's page we constantly inform you about our news and updates.

Hope you will enjoy it :)
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