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How-to-use Guide
How to Make Talent Sourcing Better with CandyJar.
We suggest you to set your Talent Sourcing
with several stages
Make Searches
Study Profiles
Select Candidates
Make Contacts

Step 1. Make searchES
On this stage you should get search results of candidates that potentially meet your vacancy. For that we have already prepared language segments in your cabinet. You can choose a necessary programming language and go to a batch of candidates.
To start using CandyJar, you just need to add our Chrome Extension on your Chrome (button below). Then you can easily use the Searching Engine and make your first seeking. Look at the 4 min video to get it familiar.

To get more details, please have a look at the Help Center, it helps to know more about each feature.

Searching Engine and Profiles
Additionally, you might be interested to read our articles for more details.
- The first one is about the platform itself and how to operate it,
- The second one tells you about candidates' profiles in detail, such as: profiles sections, useful information that can be taken from them, and what details to pay attention to.

Step 2. Study the pRofiles
After you have made the list of candidates, you should scrutinize their profiles and see candidates' specialties, how they are developing, what projects they would like to work on and what their skills are.
Take a look at some articles we prepared. They give real examples of how you can analyze and take useful information from the profiles.
If you have issues, please contact us at

Now, when we find how to analyze profiles, we can select the most relevant candidates meeting our vacancy.

As usually, recruiters confirm the sourced candidates with a tech person before contact. The person can be team lead, tech lead, CTO etc.

Very important: take all necessary information from the tech crew member. Why the candidates seem interesting, why he would like to interview, etc. You should take notes from what the tech crew member discovers for you. They will help you to compose the best letters to the candidates. In fact, if you just reflect your tech colleague's vision in the letters you won't need to get deep into the code details on the candidates' profiles to write enticing letters.

Also, we should put some lines of our opinion on each candidate for the tech colleague to let him know why we have chosen those developers. It will help explain motives and ensure interesting details aren't missed. For example: the candidate participated in similar projects or hackathons and championships; or he is interested in such technological areas, ect.

Such teamwork with your tech colleagues is extremely important. The more thoughts your colleagues share, the better the chances you can compose an attractive letter and get responses from candidates.

To make the work easier, you have a simple ATS (Applicant Tracking System) within the platform. With it you can set a simple funnel for each vacancy. You can also put notes and flags for each candidate.

This is the most important stage. Here we have to communicate with the candidates. At the stage we have to communicate to candidates. Usually, recruiters compose one long letter where they put all the information on a vacancy. We suggest you go another way and make a sequence of letters. This is because the process of Talent Acquisition looks like a lead generation method, where the aim of the first letter is to make warm contact. We should tell the candidate why they are interesting to us and why we are contacting them. During letter preparation we recommend you have a look at the following aspects:

1 – The letter should be informal and friendly. You should avoid cold and super official words.

2 – The letter should not be abstract and templated. Such letters get ignored 90% of the time. As we are messaging the specific a specific individual we should keep our focus on them, demonstrate our favor to the person we have chosen, and demonstrate that we don't reply to him with an auto email but instead scrutinized them and we would like to talk exclusively to them.

3 – Put some smiles into the letter :)

Below, we have prepared some examples of the letter that could be sent to the candidates. By the way, if the candidates disclosed their contacts on social media or messengers, it makes sense to use it. Such ways are more flexible and can bring you some loyalty.

First letter to a candidate
Hey Alex!

My name is Ann, I work for ACME Co. and I help find great developers for our team. I came across your projects on GitHub and decided to contact you :)

I see you've been coding for over 3 years using .Net platform and you also have quite a lot of projects with APS.NET + Entity framework. That's why I'm excited to contact you :)

I know you are working in the banking sector, so I wonder if you have plans to consider new projects in the foreseeable future? Our team is launching a project with ASP.NET + Entity.

I'd be happy if there is any chance of a Skype call.

If the candidate ignored your first letter.
Hey Alex :)

Hope all is great. I am excited to speak to you. Will be grateful for your time.
Just in case you missed my previous message, I would like to contact you because we're looking for a .Net developer for our team at ACME Co.

I need to know what technologies are you interested at the moment. I can probably find something suitable for you :)

Please let me know if you are interested.

Have a great day :)
If the candidate ignored the second letter
Hey Alex :)

This is probably going to be my last attempt.
Just in case you missed my previous message, I'm trying to contact you.

We are looking for a .Net developer. If we have a chance to communicate, I promise our conversation will differ from the average ones you have.

Looking forward to your reply :)
If the candidate got interested in the vacancy
Hey Alex :)

Thank you so much for you reply.

I'll be happy to contact you and talk a little bit about our product and team.
What time works for you for a 15-20 minute call on Skype?
Also, here's the link to the vacancy: https://

Looking forward to your reply :)

If the candidate refused
Hey Alex :)

Thank you so much for your reply and your time.
If you don't mind, let's please stay in touch in case I find something interesting for you in the future.

Thank you again!

Why is it important?
We have found several articles where developers share their thoughts on what letters they would respond to or ignore. The articles were published some years ago, but they are still very relevant today.
Let's summarize .
What is it for?
Point #1.
To set warm contact to the candidate. Template method discovers itself quickly.
Point #2.
To make good reputation from the candidate's perspective. Negative contacts get immediately banned.
Point #3.
To keep the contact for future. Later, probably the candidate can be suitable or share suitable contacts of his community.
If you have any questions, please contact us :)
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